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Two-child Policy Will Promote The Development Of The Wholesale Diapers
Jul 19, 2016

With the opening of the two-child policy, Guangdong Province will also usher in a new tidal wave of baby was born, especially in Guangdong Jieyang, Shantou, Chaozhou and other regions. Mothers and mothers who began to get busy, ready to wet diapers baby with the necessary things, foreign diapers for its excellent quality by consumers. According to statistics, the first quarter of this year, Guangdong Province imported baby diapers (diapers) 167 approved, 234 207 boxes of goods amount of $ 10,555,000, of which 96% of the batches of diapers from Japan, a small amount from Korea, Spain. Japanese brand diapers to Kao, the king and Unicharm mainly into three three-legged full potential. By the Guangdong Provincial Inspection and Quarantine Pipi sampling, it was found in 29 batches of substandard diapers, substandard value of $ 2.475 million. Which identifies the 27 batches of unqualified, toxicology testing and detection of microbial indicators are all qualified. Relatively speaking, domestic brands of diapers are good, we are here to recommend Ltd. Guangzhou Yin love baby products, diapers wholesale.

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