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Inflatable Toy Instructions For Use And Maintenance
Jul 19, 2016

Inflatable toys installation:

1. Place the device on a flat surface, the device is preferably put under a mattress (such as carpets, plastic color of the cloth), and then expand it.

2. Locate the air inlet device, and then connect the fan outlet and the fan port truss, then alternate air inlet with a rope fastened.

3. blower power, a device within 5-10 minutes will muster.

Supporting fan installation:

1. Use GB 1.5mm2-4mm cable several meters connected to the fan, and the other end connected to the air switch, and connected to an electric shock protector.

2. Check before you use the power supply voltage and the nameplate match the direction of rotation is correct.

3. The cabinet should be connected to a reliable ground, and regular inspections of the fan inlet by the fence, in order to avoid accidents.

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