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How To Choose The Appearance Of Baby Diapers
Jul 19, 2016

Be sure to fit the size of the baby's body. Diapers size can be divided into five kinds of primary type, small, medium, large, plus a large and so on. Parents must pay attention to whether it baby's body, especially the legs and waist elastic groove can not Le too tight, otherwise it will hurt your baby's skin Le. Remind Mommy point that sometimes the size diapers may not be exactly the same, but may differ with different manufacturers brands. Therefore, parents may wish to refer to the outside of the package label numbers.

Leak-proof design prevents seepage of urine out of the baby. Many baby urine, even if just for the diapers, urine may also leak out from both sides. Thus, not only the baby's soiled underwear, because the baby will be uncomfortable crying. Diapers leak-proof design that is standing thigh hem hem and waist leak-proof, too many in the baby urine leakage can be effectively prevented.

Adhesive function better. When using the stickers to be able to close the diaper and still repeat the paste after unlock diapers, even if the baby jumped up and down, it will not loosen and fall off. There are a lot of diapers are ring waist elastic pants, trousers shilly can effectively prevent diaper slipping.