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Baby Diapers Selection Method
Jul 19, 2016

Diaper rash is inflammation due to a mixture of urine and feces and cloth diapers (or poor quality diapers) and skin irritation caused by friction from the genitals to the hip appear reddish phenomenon, the skin becomes rough, or even very small acne. If little ass long prickly heat, while an impermeable cloth diapers or poor quality diapers, can also cause diaper rash. Therefore, the selection of a good diaper is very important, here to introduce you to select the seven diapers Code:

Good absorption

Absorb quickly, can reduce the time the urine contact with the skin, reducing the probability of natural baby is suffering from diaper rash; absorb more, it can reduce the frequency of replacement, less disturb a sleeping baby.

Dry not rewet

To pick and dry without rewet and this will allow the baby to sleep will not be made wet diaper can not sleep peacefully, but also reduces the chance of suffering from diaper rash.