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Some knowledge of the need to pay attention to buy diapers
Jul 19, 2016

In the purchase of diapers, soft, breathable and water absorption is most important. "Neonatal skin is very sensitive, it is prone to friction injuries. The first consideration diapers feel, is the degree of softness." Available to buy diapers inside surface friction cheek feel, you can also friction with eggs cooked peeled to see if there are traces of friction.

At the same time, also consider the degree of breathability and dry. In general, there are diapers filler fluff pulp, nonwoven fabric, cotton, water and other factors. "Taking into account the cost of different products in different proportions of these fillers. Where a higher absorption factor prices, stores urine role, the smaller the particle, the higher the cost, the high-end brand diapers as a powder."