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Several points of purchase diapers
Jul 19, 2016

Flexible design is obedient baby skin care element, if the diaper waist tape, waist, leg-with good flexibility, it will not cause too much pressure, more able to fit the baby's body, so that the baby activities freely.

Baby's abdomen with adults, because of hunger and satiety situation scaling. When the baby is hungry, diapers may be loose; just enough to eat, it may be too tight diapers. If the waist tape inelastic, it is not adjustable diapers position; if the waist inelastic, there will be a gap between the diapers and baby skin, but also the circumstances of urine leakage may occur.

So, diapers tie waist, elastic waist if the better, it will not be too loose or too tight, causing discomfort to the baby a sense of restraint in order to effectively prevent the leakage of urine. Elastic good or bad according to the difference between the length and stretch before and after to determine the resilience, the greater the difference, the better the resilience, elasticity better.