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How to choose the right diaper
Jul 19, 2016

First, the diaper feels soft to touch, because the baby's skin more tender, so soft, if not, then may cause wear red ass.

Second, the choice of light color. For this reason I believe we have guessed, dark color description color too much inside to use, if long-term use may cause skin irritation or other adverse reactions. We recommend using white diapers, it looks comfortable to use is also assured.

Third, breathable. If diapers airtight, then, just like our shoes airtight it is the same, that uncomfortable Jin we should also have experience before, so little to choose permeability good diapers.

Fourth, better water absorption. Although most people think that the price of diapers no pressure, but if you can absorb more water several times to help us save money, that is excellent.

Five best buy individually wrapped. This ensures not used diapers will not be adsorbed bacteria, and now more and more germs in the air, reducing bacteria individually wrapped to the greatest extent to ensure the security, safety is the primary consideration in our choice.