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How to choose baby diapers according to the different stages?
Jul 19, 2016

1. Age (5 months): soft and comfortable

Choose breathable diapers without stimulation. Baby just come into the world, the skin is very fragile, so the diapers is also high, soft and comfortable is the most important consideration. Since the newborn baby is not formed regular excretion period, the parents after the baby is difficult to grasp excretion, timely replacement of diapers, so in order to avoid skin diseases, parents should choose skin care diaper. And not only concerned about whether you can absorb large amounts of urine, but also according to the different climate and different baby skin conditions, targeted to choose baby's diapers.

It suggested the use of soft coating layer diapers, diapers this soft, natural, care of the child's tender skin. It also effectively block the excrement of a hard object, avoid sensitive baby skin was hurt, the cladding layer also play the role of moisture.

2. Age (6 to 12 months): personal leakproof

At this stage of the baby to learn to climb, as your baby grows, the scope of activities is also growing, babies will swing back and forth, do a relatively large range of motion exercise.

At this time, it is recommended to choose a leak-proof design targeted to prevent activities Dongzuoguoda baby because the emergence of the phenomenon of leakage.

Also note that parents should be able to choose according to the baby's waist and adjust the tightness of diapers, baby can be more at ease.