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How diapers suck urine? Suction urine rely on the decision?
Jul 19, 2016

After the baby is born and ultimately each accompanied by a thin layer of diapers diapers actually be able to take away the amount of urine your baby several times to urinate? How does it do it? Suction urine is rely on the decision of it? Here my friends took a look at these questions in this article BEST diaper manufacturers now

   Baby diapers generally have four-layer structure, high water absorption capacity and water retention capacity of diapers thanks to its water-absorbing material and structural design.

1, the surface layer: the nonwoven fabric, in direct contact with the skin of babies, to accept the next layer to be transferred to the liquid;

2, conductive layers: a nonwoven fabric made of the transfer to the absorbent layer surface layer uniformly acceptable liquid;

3, absorption layer: the polymer water-absorbing resin (abbreviated SAP) is mixed with the fluff fibers made of diapers is the most important functional layers for absorbing and storing urine;

4, bottom: + non-woven fabric made of PE film or PE film, the main function is leakproof.