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Good diapers should be good ventilation feel comfortable
Jul 19, 2016

On the use of diapers for babies, diapers choice of quality products is very important. The general good diapers breathable and feel are very good and comfortable. Guangdong diaper manufacturer - BEST women and children, said if the diaper poor ventilation, it is to make the baby feel very uncomfortable, long-term use will cause the baby to suffer from skin problems. And how do we judge diapers breathable it? In fact, these can all be in use for baby diapers when the baby after use carefully observe the situation was out of the light of experience, great people. Secondly, the tactile aspects of diapers, a comfortable and natural is the best. Although there are a nonwoven fabric, PE film, a water-absorbent resin, but because of the different quality materials, there is a big difference will be the use of diapers diapers on production, in order to allow the baby to feel comfort, the best choice is soft material diapers, which are judged by the feel.

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