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Different diapers, choice is very important
Jul 19, 2016

1. The size for your baby

Now the market has been quite complete diapers, have different sizes, parents can purchase a reference marked on the package. To close the baby waist waist, waist paste stickers affixed to the numbers indicate more appropriate between 1-3. Such as stickers affixed to the No. 3 indication that the small size of the diapers, diaper election code freshman next purchase. Check the tightness of the leg rubber band, if too tight, indicating the size is too small. If not attached to the leg, showing the size is too large.

2. breathable performance, not hot

Baby diapers used if poor ventilation, easily lead to babies suffering from diaper rash. Poor ventilation make baby diapers local environment scrotal temperature increased, the baby may affect testicular development, especially after the age of a baby should pay attention.