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Composition structure of diapers
Jul 19, 2016

1. The outer wrap layer

The outer layer can keep a child's body wrapped in a dry, rapidly absorb urine and prevent side leakage. Today, in the majority of supermarkets selling diapers are not woven, not feel put on after the baby has too much stimulation, soft, strong affinity and comfort, together with exhaust gas heat and water vapor will make diaper rash away from the baby.

2. The absorbent core

Primary absorptive layer is to use its capillary force, the baby urine dispersed throughout the surface, play a rapid absorption, dispersion and ultimate storage of urine role of urine. In the supermarkets, we usually see the diapers, which are mostly layered absorbent core, and is made of pure wood pulp and superabsorbent.

3. The base fabric

Affected by price factors, the bottom of the more popular domestic major breathable diaper polyethylene film made of a polymer composed of an organic compound constituted and abroad have begun to use non-woven diapers because it is more comfort, softer.