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Caution should be used diapers to keep in mind
Jul 19, 2016

When change diapers for the baby, to make joint stick diapers, it is very important. In general, parents need to ensure that your fingers dry and clean and avoid skin contact with the tape. If the baby care products, such as oil, flour or shower gel, etc., need special attention to prevent joint adhesion decreases.


When using diapers, if you find the baby skin allergies should immediately stop using, to their use for another brand may not be allergic to, or with cloth diapers are used interchangeably for some time, maybe the baby will be able to adapt.

Timely replacement

After the baby to wear diapers, it will form a damp, stimulating environment is not conducive to the health of your baby's skin. Thus, although diapers easy to use, but should not be worn for a long time, it should be changed frequently. In addition, immediately after removing the diapers do not replace the new diapers, baby's skin should allow proper ventilation, keep the skin dry, it helps to reduce the generation of diaper rash.