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Baby diapers purchase and use of guidelines
Jul 19, 2016

As science and technology advances, our lives there have been many more scientific and healthy way of life, your baby's needs with age and are constantly changing, so the choice for baby supplies, we learned scientific segment selection. Many mothers know that drinking milk to be graded, but mothers may not know, the other thing as important as the baby necessities - diapers also pay attention to the choice of sub-options.

Newborn (0-5 months)

Newborn (0-5 months) baby diapers select primary consideration is comfort and softness, so mothers should choose soft, breathable moisture, long locks loose stools in diapers.

Newborn sensitive skin, soft material security can avoid friction. Newborn baby's stool is very irregular, not only daily stool frequency more, and the water content is relatively high, relatively thin stool, choosing a long-term can absorb and fully locked stools diapers, holding the baby can really do persistent dry small ass.